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ULTHERAPY:The most effective and safest Face-lifting procedure without the surgery…

Whenever I come across a job opening, I often see a qualification that spells, “with pleasing personality”. It seems that the set of skills and experience now a days to get the job are no longer enough to please everyone. This reality may not be as fair, but that’s the way of the world. That is why people will do everything that is humanly possible to be as young, fresh, and beautiful as they can to remain competitive. And it works. But for some who just want to feel good about themselves and have the funds to support a vain lifestyle, they will get the best cosmetic surgeon money can buy and brave a surgical procedure regardless of the medical and health risk involved. 

However, with the fast pace of technological advancement in the field of cosmetic reconstructive surgery, and the alarming rate of “botched” cases that lead to cosmetic disasters, more and more people are veering away to the end of the blade just to achieve a vain dream and chose a much safer alternative called ultrasound. 

(From L-R) Dr. Ron Elepanio, Dr. Z. Teo, Dr. Peter Peng, Dr. Venzo Veceral

Before, I always thought that ultrasound was only limited to the Doppler device gynecologists use when they probe pregnant women that shows an image of the baby inside a tummy. Now, the ultrasound technology can do much more aggressive work such as, dissolve gal-stones, burn fat and the latest of these, is the ability to reorganized the collagen of the sub-epidermal layer of the skin to produce new collagen that will bring a fresh face tonicity. A natural face lift!   

Ulthera System...

ULTHERA System is the latest in face lifting technology which uses Ultrasound that micro-focuses specific area of the face, neck, and chest which is very safe and non-invasive. Among the ultrasound devices that are out in the market today, the Ulthera System is the only machine that is U.S. FDA approved for non-invasive lift procedure. It is one of the latest devices of MERZ Aesthetics, a division of MERZ Co., the innovative leader in aesthetics medical application.

Merz Representative and Dr. Teo, presenting US - FDA Certificate of Authenticity

Recently, MERZ Philippines launched the Ulthera System in the country to offer Filipinas and Filipinos to finally experience this non-invasive face lifting technology. The event was held at the Le Jardin French cuisine restaurant at W Building in Bonifacio Glabal City. The launch was attended by members of the media and with friends in the cosmetic reconstructive industry. Several experts were invited as well to speak about the advance technology of Ulthera. 

Dr. Peter Peng of Taiwan

The first speaker was Dr. Peter Peng of Taiwan whose long time practice of Ulthera back in his home country has brought a lot of success in his medical career. His post-operative results to his patients have resonated in many parts of the world and have invited to speak in medical forums to share the remarkable face lifting results of Ulthera System. 

Dr. Teo, expounding on the benefits of Ultherapy

Another expert who shared the wonderful things about Ulthera can do to people, is Dr. Z Teo from Singapore. Dr. Teo presented some of his patients who have been getting Ultherapy for the past six years and the results are still amazing showing no signs of any complications. The technology of the machine are so high-tech, surgeons can view the procedure via magnetic resonance imaging that allows the doctor to zero in detailed areas, avoiding bones and nerves. 

Dr. Ron Elepanio

Dr. Ron Elepanio, a medical psychiatrist shared to the audiences the benefits of such procedure in the emotional, mental and psychological perspective. According to Dr. Elapenio, “ When you feel beautiful, you tend to be more confident about yourself “. 

Dr. Peng demonstrating Ulthera System face lifting proceedure...

Ultherapy enhances the look of a person which is non-invasive and it improves the elements of the face without adding any fillers or implants. It reorganizes collagen which is already part of your body and That what makes Ulthera System so amazing. 

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