Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Racks SM Megamall Just leveled up…

For all those Racks fans and followers out there like me, please be advised that Racks, which used to be at the 3rd  level is now at the 4th level of the cross bridge of SM Megamall with a fresh new interior look with more spaces to enjoy their mouthwatering dishes. 

Now that the renovations are already done, I’m sure most of the Racks loyal guests would be more anxious to hit the smoking baby back ribs smothered with Racks’ signature barbeque sauce. As you enjoy it and other of their bestsellers, you might want to try another new featured dish of Racks which is the Smoked Spring Chicken. 

Last week I just had the opportunity to drop by Racks in Megamall and checked out the Smoked Spring Chicken. This special dish is thoroughly grilled over hickory wood which according to Mr. Chukri Prieto, the owner of Racks, is imported from abroad. Hickory wood gives a special smoky flavor to grilled meat, a distinct flavor you can’t get from any other fire wood. 

Spring chickens are the younger chickens which are small but very tender and very juicy. These chickens will first undergo a long process of marination before they are grilled to perfection. So, the texture of the dish is very similar with the baby back ribs which literally fall off the bones which are very tender and very juicy. Even when you smothered it with Racks BBQ sauce, you can still taste the flavorful texture of the chicken. 

I’m quite sure that this new dish of Racks will make a big hit, because a lot of Pinoys love to eat chicken. The Smoked Spring Chicken is served with fresh greens and some good ol’ fashioned corn on the cob. You may use the signature BBQ sauce or you can try the newest mayo-based sauce, specially concocted by Racks. 

Of course my Racks experience would not be complete without enjoying the “usual” favorites, like their famous Onion Brick. This is a brick-load of white onion rings covered in special breading with some spices, and then they are deep fried to perfection. These are served in a brick form presentation, alongside with several sauce options. But the most popular is the garlic sauce.   

As part of this special treat is the Baby Back Ribs. As a golden rule: Never leave Racks without tasting them. Racks’ fall-off-the-bone flame grilled ribs will constantly give you the feeling of wanting for more every time you take a bite. The Baby Back Ribs are certainly among Racks best sellers, where many restos tried to imitate it but failed miserably. 

Now, beef is one tough meat to tenderize, but for Racks, patience is a virtue. The preparation and grilling process will take a while, but I tell you, it’s worth the wait. You can have the choices of Racks Beef Ribs, which are Australian grass-fed beef short ribs, Angus Au Jus, which is a flamed-grilled Angus beef rib eye seasoned with Racks’ signature steak rubs and paired with Red wine Au Jus, or the Certified US Rib Eye which is actually 12oz rib eye steak. 

Enjoying the food with Racks is certainly very satisfying. I always take pleasure of experiencing delicious top-notch all American treats and leave you with more reasons to come back for more. You can check out another newly renovated Racks branch at Evia lifestyle Center along Timog Avenue in Quezon City. 

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