Monday, April 24, 2017

Cordlife’s One Blood: A Fight Against Leukemia

The condition of my son James, who has cerebral palsy, is a story that we always share with others, hoping to bring hope and joy to people who are experiencing the same journey. As much as we believe that God has allowed this to happen in order to minister not only to us but also to other people, there’s always a moment that my wife and I thought of other possible ways that we can still improve James’ way of life, even though doctors have already told us that there is nothing much to be done anymore in order for him to be normal again. 

Over the years, after James’ ordeal, we are amazed how medical technology has developed to improve the condition of children with irreversible life conditions and life threatening diseases such as leukemia. One breakthrough is the development of Stem Cell treatment which became a controversial issue in the US and in some countries. 

Hematopoietic Stem Cells (HSCs) or simply STEM CELLS are known as ‘precursor’ cells’, as they have the ability to differentiate into the different types of blood found in the body, namely: Red Blood Cells which are responsible for transporting oxygen; White Blood Cells which are responsible in producing anti-bodies and fighting infections; and Platelets which assist in blood clotting. The Cord Blood is the blood that remains in the umbilical cord after birth and it contains the healthiest Stem Cells that can replenish blood, regenerate damaged bone marrow, treat blood cancers, and correct genetic defects. 

This medical breakthrough is now being offered in the country through Cordlife Philippines. It is the country’s first and only private cord blood processing and cryopreservation facility aimed to give Filipinos the chance to benefit from the advantages of having a readily available supply of cord blood. 

Cordlife is the only stem cell banking facility in the Philippines that provides total Stem Cell Banking Solution for the family’s complete protection against diseases which are genetically acquired such as Retinoblastoma which is cancer of the Retina (Eye) that is commonly passed on from mother to womb, Leukemia, Hereditary Bone Marrow Failure Syndrome, Inherited Red Cell and Platelet abnormalities, Inherited Disorders of the Immune System, and other Metabolic Disorders. 

The success rate of Stem Cell treatment in other countries is remarkable when using the patients’ own harvested stem cells. However, clinical trials are still in progress for patients being treated with other people’s stem cell. Currently, there are reports of promising results for Cerebral Palsy patients who underwent Stem Cell treatment in other countries using stem cells of other patients. Another clinical trials which Cordlife is pursuing is the treatment of other illnesses such as Kidney Transplant, Myocardial Infarction (Heart Attack), Ovarian cancer, Traumatic Brain Injury, Hearing loss, HIV, and others. 

With all these developments and innovations in medical science, it’s hard not to wonder if such technology was already present at the time when James was born. I can’t help but imagine all the things he can do, now that he is already 19 years old. As of now, we can only wish and pray that someday, new innovations and developments may arise so that more miracles can come to the lives of people who are inflicted with unfortunate conditions. 

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