Tuesday, April 11, 2017


“E-sports.” The first time I heard this word was when I attended the launching RAPOO's latest gaming peripherals that would suppose to increase the “athleticism” of any e-gamer. For my non-egamer reader out there, gaming peripherals are the tools of trade or hardware that comes along with PC. This are the key boards, mouse and head sets. As much as this blog site caters to the outdoor sports and fitness which are my passion, I think I can squeeze this one in for the spirit of sportsmanship.

 As one e-sport expert would say, just like a basketball player would need a well-designed pair of shoes, and a golfer needs a good set of clubs, the e-sport gamers would likewise search for the most awesome gears to be more effective in their craft as e-gamers. These special peripherals are designed differently from the normal office peripherals. The construction and materials designed to withstand long ours of pounding in an e-game battle. The receptiveness of these tools are of the top of the line, because for a gamer, the slightest lag can spell the difference between victory and getting fragged to oblivion. 

“Gaming has gotten a lot more serious these past few years, and there are already a lot Filipino pro-gamers who are making a name for themselves in eSports tournaments all over the world. We want to nurture the passion and talent the Filipinos have by letting them experience the gaming gear used by the top cyberAthletes in the world,” says Kyle Guo, Rapoo R&D Director.

"Today, we are launching the newest range of gaming products from VPRO, which will help them take their gaming to the next levels,” Guo adds. 

For those people who used to say that computer games are for kids and grown ups who still play them have serious issues of immaturity and lack of serious direction in life, well, according to statistics complied by esportsearning.com, the total prize money of gaming competitions in 2016 alone, reached a staggering amount of 94,445,235.87 USD. Not to mention the sponsorship of brands that comes along with it.  It seems that this “child’s play” some people used to think can be a lucrative career after all. At an average, there are about close to 4,000 cyber-tournaments are being staged every year and these are participated by more than 13,000 cyberAthletes around the world. 

VPRO is the sub-brand of RAPOO which specifically caters to serious and pro-gamers. VPRO product lines are designed to match the standards of professional egamers. That is why it only employs the highest quality components needed in a high intensity multi-function operations of any games. 

VPRO top of the line Keyboard, head-set and mouse:

VPRO V810 (Priced at Php 6,730.00)

•    Backlit Mechanical gaming keyboard
•    Colors: Balck
•    Full Mechanical Keys with high speed response
•    Cherry Mechanical key switches, durable and reliable with non-conflict design for 108 keys
•    Programmable keys, on board memory (save &play)
•    Detachable magnetic wrist rest

VPRO V310 (Priced at PhP 2,190.00)

•    Mid-level laser gaming mouse
•    Colors: black and white
•    On-board memory (save & play)
•    Adjustable real time DPI button
•    Image processing rate: 12000 FPS
•    Tracking speed: 150 inches
•    Up to 1000Hz USB report rate

VH600 (Priced at PhP 2,945.00)

•    Virtual 7.1 gaming headset
•    Colors: Black, white
•    16-million-color breathing light
•    Virtual 7.1 sound effects and intelligent VIB vibration unit
•    Active dual noise-canceling microphones
•    Noise isolation

The first line of VPRO gadgets in the Philippines will be available in stores and third party retailers beginning this May 2017.

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