Saturday, October 25, 2014

TV5’S WATTPAD PRESENTS’ introduces new batch of heartwarming love stories

The "Beki Boxer" that was shown in TV5 just over a month ago was something very unique and exceptional story. And I never knew that the story was from WATTPAD. Actually, I never knew what WATTPAD was until I was invited to attend a press launch of the second batch of short stories that were being aired in TV5. 

So what the hell is WATTPAD?! Well, it is actually a website were writers or aspiring to be writers are free to post their short stories where the sites readership gets to view and search for them and if they liked it, they will read them. I was surprised also when I found out that some of my blogging friends are keeping an account in WATTPAD. So, this made me interested to know the stuff written there. 

Last October 18, 2014 was the kick off of another set of stories that were searched and screened by TV5’s pool of researchers out of hundreds of stories written in WATTPAD. The primary criterion in choosing these top four stories is on the basis of readership. The stories have gained more than 15 million viewership on line. And from this basis, it showed that such story would be really good. 

Beginning last October 20, the first of the four stories is “Dyepni”. This chick-flick teenage love story will be starred by two talented real life celeb couple, Jennica Garcia, the daughter of award winning actress Ms. Jean Garcia and Alwyn Uytingco, who is already a WATTPAD Presents veteran and played the role of a gay Boxer in the BEKI BOXER. The story revolves around two typical high school teenagers “Jeffrey” (Alwyn Uytingco) and Nialla (Jennica Garcia).

Day two of WATTPAD Presents is a story entitled “Savage Cassanova” written by an author called JustBreaththeSofie. This particular story have gained more than 1.7 million readers and continued to gain more followers. This sort story features promising young actors Edward Mendez and Ritz Azul. Savage Cassanova is about a rich young bachelor, Ivo (Edward Mendez), who is the sole heir to his family’s fortune and business.  In order to get rid of the girls who have been chasing him, he decided ot marry a terminally ill Moira (Ritz Azul). Hoping to get everything as planned, things unexpectedly happen that change the lives of this two individuals. 

To be featured in November 3, WATTPAD will show a TV adaptation of the story “Fake Finace”, written by Kierd. This story have been read by more than 2 million readers.  You might find this story quite fascinating because it’s about two young “couple” who decided to stage a fake marriage in order to stop the pending wedding of their parents. The TV adaptation are starred by another celeb couple in real life, Sophie Albert and Vin Abrenica. 

The last story to be shown of the second batch of WATTPAD Presents is “Diary ng Hindi Malandi…(Slight lang), written by OWWSIC and have gain fans from all over with a whopping 3.5 million readers. This story features Isabella de Leon and Edgar Alan Guzman. I remember vividly Isabella when she was with the show "Da, DeDi, Dodu" in GMA before. She was very young then and I was so amazed how she has grown all these years. The story is about a girl who is coming of age and venturing the outside world with the hope of finding her one true love. 

In the Presscon, each stars was given a few minutes of their experience making the film and expounded on the dynamics working with other stars and crew. An additional bonus of revelation was shared to every media present was announcement of Jennica and Alwyn about their relationship as a couple. They announced that they discretely tied the knot last February. And it was only there they publicly shared to every media present.  

TV5 is relentlessly pursuing out-of-the-box concepts that will give viewers wide options on what to watch and what will entertain them. The WATTPAD Presents will be shown Starting October 20, 2014, Monday to Friday with the new time slot 9:30 pm right after The Amazing Race Season 2.  

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