Thursday, October 23, 2014

Rico Rice: Make Healthy Yummy

Here is another better and healthier alternative to rice – Corn Rice!

Decades ago, the Philippines was the leader in exportation of many crop and agriculture products to other countries and one of them is rice. Our country led the innovations of many rice seedlings, where a farmer can grow and harvest rice up to three times a year. These innovations were done in the research laboratories of International Rice Research Institute or IRRI, in Los Banos, Laguna. But the sad thing about this is that these technological innovations were likewise exported to other parts of Asia like Vietnam and Thailand and their rice is now being imported back here in our country. The Philippine rice has finally come in full-circle but to our economy’s expense.  Presently, we still hold to be the leader…not anymore in exportation of rice but importation. And we are losing hard-earned dollars just to buy back those rice that we developed here in the first place.

The good news is, as far as corn production, Philippines is on the top list in the corn exportation and many families in the southern regions are consuming corn as substitute for rice. Even Manny Paquiao prefers to eat his favorite “Tinola” with Corn-rice. So how come corn rice, having an abundant supply of it, is not as popular as rice? Simply because Pinoys in general are not accustomed on the way it looks and how it taste like.

Fortunately, the Philippine Leading Infinite Logistics Inc. or PLILI, came up with a technology that reshapes the image of corn that is exactly look like rice and even taste like rice too. PLILI is a company subsidiary of La Filipina Uy Gongco, makers of premium flour and baking raw materials for industrial scale. Last October 13, 2014, PLILI officially launched RiCo Corn-rice to the media at Chef Jessie Restaurant in RockWell, Power Plant mall in Makati City. The event was a fine dining experience that was attended by some media friends, and all of us had a fantastic time enjoying of some of Chef Jessie’s master pieces which features Rico Corn Rice in the Menu.

The plated lunch started with a short presentation of the technicalities of RiCo and why is it better than rice. The secret of containing the nutrients of corn is not wash it, because washing the corn will wash the all the health benefits away. PLILI President Mr. Jebe Gayanelo further expounded that Rico Corn Rice underwent a state-of-the-art process that dries the corn which carefully controls the moisture that prevents Aflatoxin. Aflatoxin is actually a form of fungus that grows on the corn. The technology is so sophisticated that the corn is not touched by human hands. And that explains why RiCo-Corn Rice does not need to be washed, thus giving you all the healthy benefits of corn. Further more, corn has a low Glycimic Index (GI) which allows the body use the glucose content of corn to be burn before it is absorbed in the blood stream. This qualities are very much ideal to athletes, because it gives a much longer supply of energy needed to endure a long sporting activity like triathlon or a marathon.  

During the launch, Chef Jessie Sincioco demonstrated the versatility of the ingredient through a sit-down meal of Mesclun greens salad with Prawn RiCo pops, Minestrone with RiCo, a main course of Pan-fried Codfish Fillet in Pommery mustard sauce and Grilled chicken breast in creamy pepper sauce served with RiCo pilaf and sautéed French beans, and RiCo crocant roll. At home, you can use RiCo in your dailyfavorites such as sinangag, java rice, yang chow rice, and paella.

After that delectable lunch, each of us were given sample packs of RiCo to experience it at home. The other day my wife cooked RiCo for dinner  for the very first time and the kids were so amazed that it was corn and not rice, so that one passed the aesthetic screening of RiCo. As to the health benefits, this one really fits to what I need whenever I do long distance run.

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