Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Amazing Race Philippines Season 2 Premiers on TV 5

For two consecutive seasons, TV 5 holds the franchise of one of the most successful reality TV series – The Amazing Race. With the successful out come from Season One, The Amazing Race Philippines raise the challenges much higher, bolder and of course, far more Amazing  than the last one. These challenges will be equally faced by an entirely unique and diverse teams coming from the different spectrum of the society.  

Last October 6, 2014 was the premier telecast of The Amazing Race Philippines Season 2 was celebrated at the Genting Club in Resorts World Manila. The special event was attended by members of the media and friends from different brands sponsors and of course the staff and crew of TV5. The event was hosted TARP2 Race Master, no other than Mr. Derek Ramsey himself. 

Out of the hundreds of teams who auditioned a few months ago, 11 teams were carefully selected to part of an adventure race of a lifetime. These 11 teams were brewed in different calibers in their own rights, hoping that their unique individualities, skill and talents would be enough to win in this season’s Amazing Race Philippines. 

SEXY BESTIES is the team of two best friends who happened to be the better halves of Genebra San Miguel Players. RR, was a familiar icon figure in Wowowie Show while Jeck used to be part of Deal or No-Deal. Both are adventurous at the same time enthusiastically go-getters and very much focused and committed to win the prize. 

THE BLONDIES is a team of blond sisters Tina and Avy who were very hesitant to join the audition at first because of the fear that they might get hurt or die in the race. Eventually, the dynamics of these sisters motivated them to push further and made it to the cut. Many would thought that the “Bondies” are just the typical “Dumb-blonds” , but Tina and Avy is committed to prove them wrong and will show to everyone that the team is not just a pair of pretty faces.

THE CHEFS Team is a pair of kitchen masters so to speak. Eji and Roch have know each other for a short while but their short acquaintances will not deter them from winning. Both love cooking and the dynamics of culinary, both are teachers and both love to race. So According to them, these commonalities will bind them and will give them the edge from other teams. 

DATING COUPLE Team is a pair of “loving couples”, Matt and Phoebe who found each other auditioning in commercials as models. Soon after, the constant courting of Matt paid off and brought them adventuring life together. Then, the two elevated their adventure spirits to another level by auditioning in the TARP2 and both got in as a team. In the course of the race, both will put their relationship to the test on how these two work together conquering the obstacles and challenges in winning. 

TEAM JUAN D is part of the group Juan Direction who has gained You Tube hits living and trail-blazing their lives as half-foreigners/pinoys living in the Philippines. Daniel Marsh and Charlie Sutcliffe have know each other way back in Cebu. The two have different personalities, one is calm mild mannered thinker while the other one is an extrovert “gung-ho” decisive guy. Though both has extreme personalities, they believe it will go to their advantage in achieving the goal.  

Team MAG-AMA  is the father and son AJ and Jody. According the this team, their edge is the fitness and athletic physic of Jody who is sports scholar and the wisdom of AJ that will balance their game play to slow down and think. 

TEAM NERDS’ game plan is to maintain the impression of being the “weakling-duos” of the race and would beat the others in their own fields by using their exceptional intelligence. Vince and Ed are to real-to-life “Nerds”. Vince graduated Suma-Cum laude in UP Diliman while Ed is contending to be magna cum laude in the same institution. The two were best of friends since high school and decided to join TARP2 because they believe the race is not just a battle of physical but also of wits. 

Team TRAVEL BUDDIES are two soul-sisters who have found commonalities in many ways including traveling and of course, eating. Sarah and Osang are from Davao and their only motivation why they decided to join the race is the opportunity to travel the country for free…and eat along the way. 

Team MR. POGI are two washed-out contestants of Eat Bulaga’s Mr. Pogi Contest. But JP and Kelvin are not deterred by their past set back and decided to pursue a life in the TV screen by joining the Amazing Race Season 2. Their edge is their youthfulness and enthusiastic drive to go practically anywhere and do whatever it takes to win. 

Team MAGKAPATID is the brother and sister Yna and Jet. With very extreme qualities, these two siblings have one thing in common and that is the hunger for adventure. The two tried out for the last season and didn’t make to the cut, but was so committed to get in, this time they did. 

Team PINAY WORLD CHAMPS are training partners Chen and Luz. Luz is a three-time body building champion while her training partner friend Chen ranked number three in the Womens International Boxing Association. Their game plan is to apply the physical discipline and dedication in their line of profession in order to out-race everyone else. 

The Amazing Race Season 2 will cover vast area in the archipelago with various challenges that will test the wits and physical capabilities and not to mention the team work of each team in order to come out as the winners. The winning team will get a house and lot each courtesy of RCD Royal Homes, each will drive home with a brand new KIA Sportage, plus a wopping Two million in Cash and other gift prizes. 

Starting October 6, 2014, Monday and on-wards, stay tuned at TV5 every 7pm and witness the adventure of 11 teams battle each other to bag this seasons Amazing Race Philippines champions.

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