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CITY KART RACING is finally now at the Circuit Makati. It is the newest sports complex being built by the Ayala group located at the former Santa Ana Race Track near J.P. Rizal. A few years back, the CityKart Racing was at the old Park Square in Glorietta area and it is where I was able to experience my first Kart Racing. After that short adrenalin drifting gig, I was so eager to go back, but sadly, the race track needed to be moved to give way to the scheduled renovation of the Park Square.

However, just recently, the Citykart Racing is back in Makati with a much bigger and bolder race track strategically located at the Circuit Makati. I was so fortunate to be invited to be one of the first groups of media to get a taste of their newest track with newly refurbished Racing karts. Together with other media personnel, we had the opportunity to put on a real racing suite, with crash helmets and cruise the 700 meter-loop of the race track.

All of us made several laps around the track just to get the feel of the karts and the tracks. Since I had already experienced it before, it wasn't very hard for me to get used to the sharp turns and the curves. Definitely, the new race track is far better than the old one in Park Square, because this one is lot longer and it features challenging turns and tricky loops.

After the practice drive, the experience got more exciting because Jean-Marc Freihuber, the Chairman of the CKR briefed us for a real racing event. The media guests were divided into several teams where we were partnered with experienced CKR Race Drivers.  Our team captain is Manuel Lorenzo who is only 12 years old but holds several racing titles on his shoulder not just here in the Philippines but in other countries as well.

Each team was required to finish the race in 1 hour with the most number of laps. So we had a little team meeting before the race started, just to have a sort of a strategy. We decided to take several laps in turns and Manuel will finish the remaining 20 of the race, hoping to cover our "slower" time. In the first few laps, Manuel experienced engine mal-function and needed to change karts not just once but twice. So, the delay made us on the fifth place. Surprisingly, we never thought Manuel had more tricks in his pockets, because as we approach on the last remaining minutes, Manuel became “possessed” by the spirit of Michael Schumacher and slowly inched our way to the 2nd place just before the checkered flag was waved.What a dramatic finish! And I’m so glad I experienced it!

After the race, awarding ceremony was held at the CKR cafeteria. All of us in the team were so excited to experienced the Podium awarding, To me, the feeling was like winning an F1 Grand Prix Race even though were only placed 2nd. That media race kart event was just the first salvo of a much bigger kart racing event Starting October 23 to November 23, 2014.

The racing event is called -  RACE TO BORACAY.

No, drivers will not kart race all the way to Boracay, if that’s what you’re thinking.  The race course will be of course at the CityKart Racing circuit and its aim is to gather more than 500 Race kart drivers all over the metro.  There will be a series of qualifying rounds that will run from October 23 to November 14 to narrow down the competitors to 200, then down to 50. The last 50 drivers will battle to the finish on November 23 for the Grand Finals. The one who will come out with the shortest time will be hailed as the CRK RACE TO BORACAY Grand Champion.

There will be two classes, Juniors (13 to 17 years old  and Adults (18 years old and above). The Awaiting winners of each class at the finish line will receive 3-days 2-nights Hotel stay and round trip airfare for two to the Island of Boracay. Special treats are also in store for the two runners up and special prices await to all participants.

CKR is open from Monday to Thursday, 3:00pm to 11:00pm, and Friday to Sunday, 10:00am to 12:00 midnight. It is located at Circuit Makati, Barangay Carmona, Makati City. Reservation is a must for those who will register for Race To Boracay. For more information you can call 0917-455-10-60 or log on to:

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