Thursday, October 16, 2014

EATALY: A Different Twist to Italian Cuisine…

If you happen to pass by the San Juan area, you might want to visit a cozy Italian restaurant that offers authentic Italian cuisine in very comfortable price ranges. EATALY is the newest hub Italian food lovers can indulge in the area of Little Baguio. More than the Italian dishes, they also served some good grilled food in their menu and delectable desserts. 

Last October 2, 2014, bad weather didn’t deter me from accepting an invitation to experience the food of EATALY. Together with two other fellow food bloggers were with me and we had an intimate session tasting the good Italian dishes of the restaurant, and had the opportunity to meet the owners themselves. 

The first one that is on their menu for us to try was the Stuff-Squid in kebob style. Cooking squid is really tricky, because it can easily get tough if you over cook it. Bu this one is so tender and juicy in the inside as well with all the stuffing and spices locked inside. This dish is priced P240 per order and is perfect for appetizers while waiting for the main dish. 

Now, who can say no to shrimp? Most especially if coupled it with sliced squid on a thin-crust dough. Shrimp and Squid Pizza is just one of the sought after dishes here in Eataly. You might want also to try their various flavors of Pizza. This one is the seafood flavor, topped with creamy white sauce, mozzarella cheese and lots of it, plus Alfalfa sprouts. This dish is priced at P375.

The Braised Lamb Shank is certainly a break of the usual beef or pork ribs as main dish. This dish is pre-blanched and slow oven-cooked in red wine to get the most tender quality and natural juice of the meat. Smothered with Eataly’s special sauce, this dish is coupled with mashed potato and beans. This one is priced at P625. Recommended for two people sharing but the three of us couldn't finish it.

For the fish lovers out there, now this one is really a treat. The Baked Salmon with Pesto Lemon Sauce was even made more special accompanied with fresh lettuce and Lolo Rosa veggies and baby tomatoes. This one is juicy inside-out, with its special lemon sauce. This is a new dish of the resto that is why they haven’t decided on the price yet. 

After the meat over loads, a choice of Red Merlot, Chardonnay and Shiraz and white wine was served. The resto is serving mini-bottles of the wines so you don’t have to order the normal sized bottles if you don’t intend to finish it. The wine in mini-bottles is just right for one or two persons sharing, just enough for one to drive safely home. 

Finishing off the very fine dining experience are two of their best desserts, Decadence (P145) and Mochamisu (P145). For those who are not into chocolates like me, I personally recommend the Mochamisu.

The dining area can accommodate fifty people on the ground floor but they also have extra tables up stairs with a private function room, very ideal for a small business meetings or parties.

EATALY is located at 698 J. Abad Santos Street,  Little Baguio district, San Juan City. For Inquiries and reservations, please call Tel. 705-1201, Eamil:, For updates you can log on to:

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