Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Wacom Unvails its Most Creative Digital Product Line in the Philippines

Bored of the usual selfies? Now, you can put some creativity while taking those wacky moments with yourself or with friends, with the latest from Wacom stylus pens. Introducing the consumer range of styli and these are: Intuos Creative Stylus 2, Bamboo Fineline, Classic Bamboo Solo and Bamboo Duo

Wacom, a global company base in Japan, pioneered the first interactive pen tablets and displays as well as digital styli solutions for processing digital signatures. But more than digital signatures, Wacom is the leader in digital art solutions that is behind the successes of some of the digital animation that hit the big screen like “How to Train Your Dragon" by Disney-Pixar. For more than 30 years in the market, Wacom never fails to innovate and improve the digital creativity that brings the art and technology into a whole new level. 

Last October 2, 2014, Wacom unveils the three interactive pens that are highly versatile and can be used to any tablet or smart phone. The event was graced by the company’s Marketing Manager, Ms. Cecilia Woon who came all the way from Singapore to present to the media the features of the latest products. Ms. Woon confidently mentioned that the Philippines would set a good market standard since it is noted to be the “Selfie” capital of the world. Wacom’s market that used to be limited only to art professionals and creative groups now covers a much wider scope of ordinary tablet users and selfie enthusiasts. 

After the presentation, Ms. Woon allowed everyone to experience the user friendliness of the product in their own smart phones. For some who were able to get a good internet connection, they’re able to experience the doodling capability of the interactive pen and the app. For some who are not lucky enough to get a good internet connection failed to try it out. This means that the app is still dependent on the internet speed of the current provider. Since Philippines having one of the slowest internet capabilities compared to other neighboring Asian countries, maximizing the said technology would be frustrating. 

Nonetheless, the company’s objective is to connect with the consumers who are keen to stand out from the crowd and express their lifestyles creatively. These pens are designed for the everyday netizens as an everyday tool not just to communicate effectively but creatively as well. It allows the user to get the feel of the natural strokes and movement of pen or pencil. Currently, the Smart styluses fits the compatibility of the ipad’s ios applications and higher Samsung smart phones such as Galaxy 4 and up and Note 2 and up.

With this downside, Wacom may experience difficulty capturing their desired market in the Philippines since 90% of the smart phone users here use China made Android applications. Coupled with the slow internet connections and limitations of internet services of most places, achieving the Wacom’s goal is a long shot. The hope of everybody is for the NTC and internet providers in the Philippines to work doubly hard to keep up with the demands of the constantly growing population of the digital market.  

For more information on the latest Wacom Products, you can visit: http://www.wacom.com

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