Monday, August 19, 2013

AXE’s search for the First Filipino Astronaut continues

As AXE continues its search for the first Filipino Astronaut the will explore the outer space, more than 28,000 applicants are now crossing their fingers with the hope one of them will be chosen.

Last May 15, 2013, the application was officially closed despite hundreds of dudes who expressed an extension. In just over two months of campaign, over 600,000 viewers visited the site coming from the Philippines alone and more than 20 million landed in the AXE Apollo Web site all over the world. Here are the top five countries who garnered the most number of applicants:

1. U.S. – 107,952
2. United Kingdom – 80,646
3. France – 42,255
4. Philippines – 28, 020
5. Brazil – 24,763

After the first phase the 28,000 applicants will undergo another selection process that entails mathematical wit, abstract reasoning, color recognition and spatial reasoning. And the 28,000 will be streamed-down to 400. From there, the group will undergo a set of challenges which composed of running in obstacle courses much like of a military boot-camp. Out of the 400, they get the best 50 finishers.

The 50 finishers will be given another set of challenges that will ultimately test their physical strength and the A.A.S.A will finally select the best two candidates that will represent the Philippines.  

A Wild-Card?!

And just recently, AXE Philippines has made another surprise announcement. They will be raffling-off a golden ticket and anyone, it can be a dude or a babe with an age 18 years old or above. This “Wild-Card” will be the third member that will join the final training at the AXE Apollo Global Space Camp located at Orlando, Florida, USA. 

Last July 18, 2013, AXE Philippines invited special guests and members of the media in a celebration for being the top five of the most number of applicants. Everyone was treated at the ARCAMA Bar at BGC with scrumptious food and of course all you can drink of the best booz in town.

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