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FAME Celebrates 10 years with Bloggers and Partner brands

Friendly Alliances and Media Expressions – FAME, the publishing outfit that brought us the much read magazines like Health & Lifestyle (H&L) Magazine, DiabetEASE, TravelPlus, Zen Health and Vital Signs is now celebrating its 10th year Anniversary in the publishing industry. 

And to commemorate its first decade of success, they gathered some of their loyal brand partners to meet head-to-head with some of the well known bloggers in the field of food, fashion, entertainment, sports and Fitness and Health. 

Dubbed as Bloggers Night, FAME held an eventful gathering at the ARTS in the City, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Each brand placed a booth display where bloggers and members of the media can engage each brand so that these bloggers can feature them and make a viral impact in the social media. FAME Allowed each brand to present some of its features to the audience. In between programs, the hosts gave a way raffle prizes to all media courtesy of the sponsors.

A very familiar booth I stumbled upon. FRUIT MAGIC, the makers of one the best fruit smoothies. These two young ladies offered me a several mixes of fruit flavors. One can even combine fruits to get the best of their two or even three flavors in one serving. 

SHINAGAWA LASIK and AESTHETIC Center offer the premier and state-of-the art refractive laser surgery in the country today. Originated in Japan, it also offers several aesthetic and cosmetic surgery done by the best surgeons like Dr. Dinglasan, noted to be the father of modern refractive laser surgery in the Philippines. Shinagawa Lasik and Aesthetic Center is located at the mezzanine level of the Enterprise Building, Ayala Avenue, Makati City. 

In the picture, is my wife Ruth Floresca of and Jocelyn, an aesthetic consultant of Shinagawa. Ruth, who have been wearing glasses since grades school, finally got her lasik surgery from Shinagawa last year and she now regains her 20/20 vision. The whole procedure only took her less than an hour. 

Another latest from Shinagawa is the 3D Angel Lift. It is an anti-aging procedure. it targets the areas of the face where sagging occur. Cosmetic surgeons uses state of the art non-invasive procedure that uses a special thread that lift the face three dimensionally. The effect of this procedure is long lasting and it helps tighten the skin that prevents future sagging. Visit Shinagawa and know the latest aging treatment that fits for you. 

The ASIAN HOSPITAL and MEDICAL CENTER has developed a one-stop specialty unit for the management of Breast Cancer. The Philippines has the highest incident of Breast Cancer in South East Asia among Filipino Women. Dr. Aldine Astrid Basa, a Breast Surgery Specialist was invited in the event and presented a comprehensive information about the disease. She stressed out that the early detection elevates the patient survival up to 80%. Asian Hospital and Medical Center provides the the most comprehensive breast care - from disease prevention and screening to diagnosis and treatment. The hospital holds the biggest facility of its kind in the country. 

On this slide, Dr. Basa expalins that by self-examination, one can detect if something is not normal in a woman's breast. She also enumerates some of the common myths about the disease. One of which are the breast implants. These does not cause breast cancer. However, digital mammography would be harder to detect if a patient has one because the implant normally gets in the way to get a much clearer view of the mass. 

Another latest drug from LRI-Therampharma, BPeptide is the latest in managing hypertension. At the event each one was invited to take a blood pressure test. It was very surprising to know that a lot of guests at that time were considered pre-hypertensive, me included. The presenter explains that in the Philippines, the bracket was raised a notch higher. Before where 120/80 is still in the normal range, today it is considered as pre-hypertensive. And that's where BPeptide will come in. Coupled with healthy lifestyle and good diet, a pre-hypertensive patient can be protected from a full-blown hypertension.  

At The Pre-Groe booth, staff offered a hair scan procedure. I took the opportunity of getting my scalp scanned to know if I still have any chances of regaining my hair back. And apparently, the staff said I still have the chance. They also offered other product such as conditioner and shampoo to help prevent baldness. 

Delicious food and drinks was also served courtesy of GOLDILOCKS and Ralphs Wine. And on top of that, dinning was highlighted by the dessert courtesy of LUX CAKES. For those who are sweet tooth, you will lover their chocolate moose. But as for me, my personal fave is the Cheese Cake, which apparently was the house's choice of the night. 

In between programs, raffle were drawn in batches. Sponsors were quite generous because almost all of the guests who went that evening were called. The first few batches were the minor prizes where Ruth was one of the lucky pick. At the end of the program, major prizes were drawn and this time my name was also called. I won a cosmetic make-over courtesy of Cetaphil, worth P25,000! But since I can't think of any parts of my face due for a make-over, I decided to give my prize to my wife instead. 

The Blogger Night was culminated by a song number form two talented duos who are now making a name in the music industry. After a while bloggers took time to take photos of all the stash of goodies we were given. And my utmost thanks goes to them as well. 

 With Ryan San Juan and Ruth Floresca with all the take home loots...

Tiny Buds Baby products...

Assorted feminine Products courtesy of InnoVitelle 

Assorted products from JTomas Soluitons...

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