Saturday, August 31, 2013

Cebu Pacific Kicks off Juan for Fun Backpacker Challenge 2013

I believe that it is inherent in every Filipino to be travelers and explorers. One big evidence of this is the countless OFWs who are now practically all over the world. I can name one country that, no matter how remote, I would bet has Filipinos lurking out there somewhere doing their own thing. I remember one TV reporter who had the opportunity to visit a very remote community in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountain Range, a place where the only mode of transportation to get there are through Yaks (Himalayan cattle) and was surprised to see Filipinos actually residing there. Can you imagine? There’s a thriving Filipino Community in the Himalayas where Mount Everest is just three back-flips away?!  In a recent Canadian news report about the country’s statistics, it is said that the fastest growing language being spoken in Canada is Tagalog. Wow, Pinoys are just simply amazing! 

So, whether it is by choice or by circumstance that many Pinoys are in all places, it has become our nature to thrive and find joy in traveling and exploring. We are natural trailblazers. Even with a meager income, many Pinoys can still live and make “lakwatsa” on the side along with their spare savings to send to their families back home. 

Here in our country, as much as many would want to do more local travels, being an archipelago with 7,101 islands to be exact, this somehow limits us to maximize and enjoy the thousands of beautiful places and activities the Philippines has to offer. Thankfully, with the help of low-fare promos many airlines are offering, many Pinoy travelers can now tour other provinces on low budget packages. 

Cebu Pacific, the Philippine’s leading airline flag-carrier that pioneered low-cost air-travel and supports domestic tours. Among its programs is the Juan for Fun Backpacker Challenge. On its fourth year, the company continues to offer this unique travel-challenge competition among college students who have the love for travel and adventure. This year Cebu Pacific have identified five teams, composed of three students each, to join an all-expense paid tour of selected Philippine destinations. These students were selected out of the thousands of applications that were sent. 

Last August 27, 2013, Cebu Pacific invited people from the media community to witness the kick-off of the Backpacker Challenge. Held at the Passion Restaurant, Resorts World, they presented the participants by allowing them to make a short cheering presentation. The students came from various Universities all over the country namely, De La Salle University, Siliman University, University of San Carlos, Palawan State University, Holy Trinity University and Bukidnon State University. 

These thrill seekers will cover six local destinations such as Manila, Puerto Princessa, Cebu, Davao, Kalibo, and Bohol. The basic rule is to visit all the places assigned and be engaged in various activities and challenges organizers have prepared for them with a budget of P35,000. The team who can finish all the activities with the least amount of total expenses wins the competition.

The Cebu Pacific Juan for Fun Backpacker Challenge is co-presented by Sun Broadband Wireless and Department of Tourism, with support coming from Canon, Botak, Crimson Resort and Spa Mactan, and Wenger, the Juan for Fun travel Gear. 

The event also served as the send off party for all the teams. Right after the program, the teams made their exit to catch a flight to their first destination which is Kalibo, Aklan.  

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