Friday, August 9, 2013

Enervon Active: Runners Summit 2013

Finally, a conference that will benefit the ever growing running culture in the Philippines is in the works.

Just a few weeks ago I joined the Milo Marathon where I ran 21k and it was my first Milo experience. After finishing it, I went home right away and didn’t bother to wait for the program to finish. I knew that a lot people participated that Sunday but it was only a day after I realized that there were actually more than 42,000 runners who ran that day and according to Coach Rio Dela Cruz of RunRio, the race organizer of Milo Marathon for the past several years, it was his biggest race that was ever organized to date. So, I said, Wow! 42,000 runners! Pinoys are really running now and they are running seriously. 

I would like to believe that this growing culture will continue and many will be hooked into it, and many will run even further distances. But as these runners improve further, many new ones will also arise. As much as there are a lot of running coaches out there showing and guiding new runners the proper way of running to prevent injuries, there are also many (like me) are learning on their own or through the help of the world wide web. So coming from the perspective of a “self-taught” runner, until now, I’m still boggled by so many running principles that keep popping-up in the internet, some of which contradicts the other. I’m sure I’m not the only one would share the same thought and many will just “play-it-by-ear” if they are doing it right. ..or wrong. 

For the first time in the running history in the Philippines, Unilab Enervon Active Health, the same group that has been successfully bringing us the Run United series for the past four years, will bring another epic event that will benefit not just the seasoned runners but most importantly the new breeds of beginners who have started to embark a new fitness lifestyle and this is the Runners Summit 2013. 

The Runners Summit 2013 will cover most of the base line in running. The highlights of the event are: Physiology and Biomechanics of running, Conditioning of running and injury prevention. This particular session will be discussed by experts from the UST Sports Science Department. A session will also be allotted for topics that concern with the proper diet and right food groups the will properly fuel a runner before, during and after every run. Kim Atienza, one of the resource speaker will also discuss some of the motivational technique for runners and how to train your body and mind to endure long runs. 

The Runners Summit will be held at Jose Y. Campos Hall, Bayanihan Center, inside Unilab compound at Pasig City. It will be on August 17, 2013 from 8am to 5pm. For more details, one can log onto their Face Book fan page and know the registration details. 

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