Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Fitness & Athletics: The Indoor Duathlon Challenge

After three days of recovery time, my quads still hurt! That’s what I’m feeling right now after last Friday where I took my first ever Duathlon competition. I have been running marathons for the past four years now (barefoot), and this is the only time I experienced a different level of cramps and muscle fatigue on my legs, which until now required a little more time for recovery. 

Last week, my friend Ms. Arleen Lindo of Fitness and Athletics invited me to witness the launch of the first ever Indoor Duahtlon that was held inside the store of Fitness and Athletics. Together with other sports and fitness bloggers and other sports celebs tried some of the latest gym equipment Fitness & Athletics offers. 

Two of which, are the latest from Intenza 550 TE Threadmill which offers a sophisticated computerized accurate measurement of an athlete’s performance. Some of these features are the inclining capabilities to simulate the steep hilly terrain of a running environment. It also has a wifi capability where one can access to google maps and will simulate running areas anywhere in the world. The other one is the Le Tour de France stationary bicycle. It is also equip with high-tech features that will simulate the proper feel of a real road bike with all parts completely adjustable to the built and feel of the rider, much like riding his own road bike to an actual race. Both treadmill and Stationary bike are equip with digital dash-board that will measure, distance, time, caloric count, pacing, speed and even rpm. 

Fitness & Athletics invited everyone to participate in the competition. The shop has two sets of equipment for running and biking, so they can only accommodate to participants at a time. A competitor can set a schedule where he or she performs the Duathlon in any given time between June 6 to August 31, 2013. Each individual will do a 3 kilometer run, 20 kilometer bike and another 2 kilometer run to complete. Currently, the shortest time to beat is 53 minutes for the three events. At the launch, I got the chance to witness two promising triathlete compete in the event, one is Isabel Dazza and the other one is multi-awarded triathlete and Philippine Team, Nikko Huelgas

As to my experience, the running part was a bit easier but the bike was tougher than I expected. The feel was very much different when riding bike on the road. In a normal road biking, when one stopped pedaling, the bike cruises where the momentum can push you a little further. If the road is descending, the gravity also helps in pushing the bike forward. But in a stationary bike, ones a biker stopped pedaling, the bike will also placed in a full stop. Biking is much difficult because of the sustained resistance. It is like pedaling on a continues up-hill for 20 kilometers. However, in such environment, it will be an ideal training for leg strengthening. 

After more than an hour of biking, I made another transition to do the 2 kilometer run again. I was so exhausted from the bike, so my run was a bit slow this time. After my first kilometer, fatigue was really kicking in. I wanted to slow down the speed but I wanted to finish it so I can put an end to my agony. So, gave myself all the remaining strength left to push me a little further and at 1 hour 37 minutes, I was done. It took me a little longer than I expected but at least gave it my best. I’m so thankful for the staff of Fitness & Athletics who provided me a continues supply of Gatorade and water all throughout the duration of the Duathlon. I’m also thankful also for the picture that was taken that made me feel like a Duathlon athlete. 

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