Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Clear Dream Match 2013 Final Draft

Last year, Filipino football fans was edging with excitement when superstar foot ball siblings James and Phil Younghhusband battled each other whether who’s the best in the field of football and it was dubbed as Clear Dream Match. The brothers James and Phil allied with several seasoned football players and celebrities in the country and held a football competition at the University of Makati Football field. At the end of the day, the team of Phil Younghusband won. 

This year the James and Phil decided to settle the score by staging another Clear Dream Match. Last August 10, Clear Shampoo in cooperation with SM Mega mall, They held an all day event where the two football icons drafted their respective teams. Each one was given a chance to pick their team mates in a form of drawing slots. 

It turned out that most of the team mates James picked was from the team of Phil last year, but  the two players and the rest of their team mates were just as happy of the turn-out of the drafting. And to make the game a little more interesting, James and Phil decided to include two other international football superstar namely, Fabio Cannavaro of Parma Team of Italy and Dennis Wise the midfielder of Newcastle United and now with Coventry City. In the drafting, Dennis Wise Joined James Younghusband’s team and Fabio Cannavaro picked Phil Younghusband’s. 

The voting pool of players reached up to 50 players and these are coming from United Football League Players, the Philippine Azkals, University football superstars and some local footballing Celebs, like Fabio Ide and Sam YG. After four weeks of voting, the 50 players were trimmed down to 34 and each one was drafted to be either Team James or Team Phil. 

The Clear Dream Match will be on August 24, 2013. It is the day of the reckoning of which team is the best. Will Team Phil keep the throne or will be grabbed by his brother James this time? It will once again be held at the football field of the University of Makati, Makati City. Rain or shine, the two teams will go head to head with each other. Audiences and fans will witness the awesome football skills of the Younghusbands, the players of some of the best teams in the country and also the legendary football talents of Dennis Wise and Fabio Cannavaro. 

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